Alien Adventure
The Adventure

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a warped 
sci-fi comedy

Cast & Crew

Captain Duda Duda : captain of the misfit crew; yearns to be like her mother: The Prima Duda.

Lexis: first officer android; resents being treated like a cyber toy; craves kalinium crystals.

Hazy: the navigator; short attention span; was marooned on an asteroid with nothing to eat but sugar.

Mentose: ship's psychic; has a thing for cabana boys or anyone else who's around; dumped by Pez but will get her due.

Pez/Poobah/Zog : Pez, federation diplomat, drunk most of the time; has a thing for Mentose. Poobah, head of the federation, has a family grudge to settle. Zog, the alien would rather eat you than negotiate.